Stretches for Frequent Texters

In honor of National Chiropractic Health Month, the American Chiropractic Association is bringing attention to the rise in musculoskeletal injuries caused by excessive use of mobile devices, computers and other technologies. While they may offer convenience in our work and private lives, these devices also can lead to neck, back, wrist and even thumb pain, in addition to other musculoskeletal injuries. During National Chiropractic Health Month, doctors of chiropractic are sharing ergonomic and other injury-prevention tips that will keep people connected—and healthy!

Frequent texters can try these stretches to avoid pain from repetitive motion:

  • Hand stretch. Start with your hands in a fist and stretch your fingers out as wide as they’ll go and then return to a fist. Shoot for about 10 stretches with each hand. For added resistance you can stretch a rubber band around your fingers.
  • Squeeze a stress ball. Do this for approximately 30 seconds for each hand.
  • Wrist circles. Clench your hands into a fist and roll your wrist in 10 circles in each direction.
  • Forearm stretch. Place your hands in a praying position and squeeze them together for 10 seconds. Keeping your hands in the same position, point your fingers toward the ground and squeeze your hands together for another 10 seconds.
  • Chest stretch. To counteract the hunched posture of texting, stand up straight with your arms down at your sides. Turn your forearms until your thumbs are pointing to the wall behind you.

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